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Love Your Brain Retreat

I’m super stoked and excited that I got accepted to the LYB retreat in Portland, Maine. It happens to be during the week that 2 years ago I was in a coma. I leave on 5/16/20 the day 2 years prior my life almost ended and I suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Diffuse Axonal Injury.

These retreats are offered to TBI Survivors who are 2 years post their diagnosis to incorporate mindfulness, yoga, community and healthy eating and more. I am so excited to spend the week here and in community with others who have been through Traumatic Brain Injury. These retreats are free for survivors to attend, which is so amazing.

I am doing a fundraiser to donate money for this great foundation, I myself donate monthly because it’s a cause I fully believe in and support. Please check out omy fundraising page to learn more and skip your morning $5 coffee and donate to a great cause if you feel inclined to do so. And thank you if you do, it’s much appreciated and I can’t wait to meet other survivors and truly be around people who understand what it’s like living with a TBI everyday.

Updated 3/18/20: due to CoronaVirus this retreat has been canceled and all donations will go towards LYB still and when it is rescheduled August 2020 or May 2021. I will still get to attend, of course I’m bummed as this was such an exciting way to spend the anniversary of my 2 years since TBI, but I get it and am glad I will still get to go, just at a different time. The world is uncertain right now, but I’m thankful for my life and to be having this kind of uncertainty. It’s better than the alternative of not being able to have these issues.

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