Brain Injury Podcasts- Share Your Story

Podcasts and brain injury specific ones are great as a survivor and even for non survivors to listen to and learn from. Check out the 3 below I have been able to share my story on. There are plenty of other great ones too that I will post.

I was on a new podcast this week sharing my story with 2 brain injury survivors. Check it out

I was also on this podcast with my husband sharing our story

And the first podcast I was on about a year into my TBI Journey

These are other great podcasts and resources I suggest that I haven’t been on but regularly listen to. Knowledge is power.

There is also a new podcast I found that I will be on in July and it’s not just about brain injury, it’s about Iron Will. It can relate to anyone who can relate to having Iron Will and never giving up. The definition I found for Iron Will:

A burningdetermination that cannot be stopped or hindered by anything; Willing to do anything to get a desired out come; Extremely resilient

If you have some other Brain Injury podcasts you suggest, please share them with me and comment:)

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