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ThinkFirst Presentation

I volunteer for OHSU ThinkFirst and during this time of COVID we are not able to go to schools and do our VIP- Voices of Impact speeches. I was asked to record one and send it to the manger at OHSU ThinkFirst. Here is the speech I normally do for middle school students as part of a brain injury prevention program. I love being able to give back to such an important program and cause after having a brain injury and spine injury. I’m a voice of impact for sure. As a Certified Health Educator, this opportunity is that more special to me to gain back skills I had pre Injury of doing classroom presentations. Baby steps to get back to where I once was, but this is a good start and I have found the perfect volunteer opportunity for my education and experience and it’s closely related to my medical injuries. Some day I hope to be able to do this speech without needing to read it, the old me could, the new me has a goal to get back to there.

ThinkFirst is a National Injury prevention program.

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