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6 years! So grateful!

Today it’s been 6 years since I got on my dirt bike after drinking at the Oregon Dunes and flew down a ravine, knocked myself out and broke my back.

I was life flighted from Coos Bay to Portland, I was in the hospital for a week at least and the road to recovery was definitely not easy. I learned to never drink and ride again. I also learned how important safety gear is and my helmet. I learned so much that day, I’m so grateful to be writing this and to be able to walk and run. 6 years ago I broke my back, 2 years ago I broke my brain. To be here writing this, talking, walking and just being here is huge and I’m so grateful for all I learned from these horrible accidents. Purpose in it all, they both taught me such important things.

Two compression fractures and a blast fracture, I still suffer from herniated discs but in all I recovered amazingly.
Finally home, this couch was were I laid a lot of the time. Researching what I had done to myself.
My resting spot. This injury was the first time Chris would learn to take care of me, enemas and all 💩😂

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