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Acknowledging What I Need 🚿 🪑

When I first came home from the hospital I had a shower chair. I had it for months and at first I was not allowed to shower when home alone. As time went on I was able to shower totally alone, no supervision needed anymore, but the chair helped me do it safely.

We sold our house a little after a year after my TBI. When we put the house on the market I gave away my shower chair to someone local in need of one, I no longer “needed” it. We have now been in our new home for 11 months and I haven’t had a shower chair. I get so exhausted just taking a shower, it is incredibly hard to shave my legs and I don’t shower every day due to how tired it makes me. Basically taking a shower feels like walking or running a mile.

I finally acknowledged how hard this simple, basic task is for me and bought a smaller shower stool. Today was my first day with it and it was amazing! I realize now I wasn’t using one because I felt I didn’t need one, I’m also super stubborn and independent so that goes along with getting rid of it. But I am so glad I have one again, I did not get out of the shower feeling totally spent. My husband heard how it went and he offered to move his bath stuff up to the hanging toiletry holder so I can use the shelf that is accessible from the stool.

It’s super hard for me to admit I need help, hard to admit that there are things I need to make daily tasks more functional and this is one of them. But screw my pride, I did what is best for me and I’m so grateful.

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I got it off amazon and $25 I think so not nearly as costly as my last one and worked perfect! It totally helped me not feel so freaking exhausted! My husband loved a shower we had years ago had a built in seat, he’s like I will probably use it 😂

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